License Renewal

On March 31, 2014, KSKC-CD was granted a license to operate for a period ending April 1, 2022.  KSKC is Federal Communications Commission Facility ID #168332.


Located in the D’arcy McNickle Building on the campus of Salish Kootenai College KSKC-TV Public Television serves the local population through broadcast and cable systems. Local programs, documentaries and classes are televised as well as PBS news, public affairs, children’s, and entertainment programming. Some recent programs include: Sacred Salmon a program about the loss of salmon in the Columbia River system that won 5 national and international awards, Beaver Steals Fire, a coyote story told by Johnny Arlee, illustrated by Sam Sandoval, and Finding Common Ground on the collaboration between the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and Lake County to create a density plan.

Classes in photography, video production and communication are offered under the media center umbrella.  Students in video production gain further experience by assisting in the production of programs for KSKC-TV. Dr. Frank Tyro Media Center Director, has a long history in media and film. Frank has produced a variety of programs and videos, among them are: Churchill Travelers , I Can Hear the Birds Sing… , and Native American Science. Frank is a well known wildlife photographer whose expertise lies in photographing the birds and animals of Arctic ecosystems. Roy Bigcrane is the award winning co-director of The Place of the Falling Waters and is the program director for KSKC-TV.

TeleProduction Capabilities
The Salish Kootenai College Media Center is operated in conjunction with KSKC-TV, which provides PBS and local programming to the Flathead Indian Reservation in Northwest Montana and surrounding areas. The TV station has been on-air since 1988.

The primary focus of our programs include cultural documentaries, instructional, educational and promotional programs. We have also produced product-specific promotional videos. On a weekly basis we produce programs for air on our public television facility. One staff is FCC general/1st phone certified since 1970. Two staff are Media100 certified (non-linear edit system) and satellite uplink operator certified.

The media centers clients have included the National Science Foundation AMP Program, SCS (Soil Conservation Service), BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs), IHS (Indian Health Service), Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation, Yakama Forest Products, Yakama Fisheries, NISBA (National Indian School Boards Association) Indian Lands Working Group, (ILWG) Avista Corporation, S-K Technology, Army Corps of Engineers, and other local, state and national agencies. SKC has uplinked programs to other Tribal Colleges in North America. We have originated 7 classes and 3 workshops. We are also an approved Federal A/V contractor QVPL #20162.

From our 5500 square foot facility, we have a 30 x 40 studio as well as full on-location equipment for nearly any need. Equipment is continually being updated and we primarily use digital production and post-production equipment.

Some of our programs have been distributed internationally and shown on foreign television systems as well as regionally in the U.S.