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KSKC-TV going off the air.

After 29 years of public television broadcasting, KSKC-TV will be signing off of the public airwaves this month. We have been proud to offer our programming to the people of the Mission Valley and extremely grateful for your continual support. We hope you have enjoyed the content that has been delivered by KSKC-TV over the last 29 years. All is not lost, as technology changes so too will we. KSKC-TV the television station may be signing off but you can still find us on our SKC-TV YouTube channel.

This was a very difficult decision to make. KSKC-TV has been a staple of life in the Mission Valley for nearly three decades. Simply put, the cost of running, upgrading, and ensuring compliance of an aging system has placed us in a financially difficult position. While KSKC-TV is a considerate service to offer the people of the Mission Valley, the financial hurdle we must leap to continue this service has the potential of jeopardizing some of the mission essential services that the college provides.

The KSKC-TV YouTube channel SKC-TV will continue to display original content created in the SKC media center. Please take this opportunity to follow our channel and don’t miss out on our original content.

A brief history of KSKC-TV

KSKC-TV was a public television station owned and operated by Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, Montana. We operated 5 transmitters: All were digital and on channels 27.1, 27.2 and 27.3. The transmitters were located on Jette (northwest of Polson), Moiese Hill (west of Charlo), Boulder Creek (1000 feet above Finley Point on the east shore of Flathead Lake), on a ridgetop north of Arlee (Rattlesnake Ridge) and our last, Rattlesnake Butte just north of Hot Springs. We delivered 3 streams (sometimes called subchannels) to our over-the-air viewers. 27.1 was high definition PBS, 27.2 was standard definition PBS and local programs and 27.3 was full time local messages and National Weather Service from Missoula, MT. Cable systems in the area carry our 27.2 stream

KSKC began operation in 1988 with two analog transmitters in St. Ignatius and Ronan. In the early 1990’s a transmitter was added at Jette and the fourth at Arlee was commissioned in 1993.

KSKC received no operational support from state or federal sources. Individual contributions, underwriting and program production were our sole sources of funding in addition to Salish Kootenai College in-kind services. The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes also assist in the continued operation of the station.

The 2 person staff had nearly 65 years in program experience and engineering knowledge and has won numerous awards for programs. For example, the Sacred Salmon series has garnered 4 national and two international awards. Frank Tyro has been with SKC since 1984 and is the general manager and chief engineer. Roy Bigcrane is program director and has worked with the station since its inception in 1987. Roy is an international award-winning director/videographer for The Place of the Falling Waters.

KSKC provided the only local public television in the area. We provided over 3 hours of local programs per week. Our message board provided information about meetings, school and local events that were not available anywhere else. Please e-mail announcements to us at or fax to 275-4801 attention KSKC.

Our program schedule includes cultural, local issue, language and music as well as news, documentary and children’s educational programs.